Hidden Garden is a small company based in Brookline, Massachusetts. We try hard to keep our business small to assure quality, personal touch, and intimate relationships with clients and gardens.
For over twenty five years we've been offering our clients a full range of services — consulting, design, construction, installation, and maintenance.
We provide design and maintenance plans for a wide variety of gardens such as naturalistic, woodland, and rock gardens, window and roof gardens, walks, patios, container gardens, as well as gardens to attract birds and butterflies. Our plant materials include trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, bulbs, mosses, and ornamental grasses. We also offer seasonal arrangements made with natural materials.
Our horticultural practices are fully organic: no pesticides, no chemicals. We use the best quality compost and sometimes a little bit of organic fertilizers.
We'll be happy to assist you on your way to a great garden space of your dreams.
To start, here is the email address to reach us: alya@hidden-garden.com. Phone: 617.528.8640.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Note from the Founder

I am a Certified Landscape Designer, a graduate of the Landscape Design Program at Radcliffe Seminars of Harvard University, now Landscape Institute at BAC. How did I enter this field after finishing Moscow Graphic Arts Institute and working as a graphic artist for many years?
I have to credit, most of all, my fifth grade botany teacher. Her devotion to the subject has proved to be contagious. She guided us into the amazing world—starting with germinating a bean in a piece of moist cotton, then working in the greenhouse, and even grafting fruit trees at our school experimental plot. Everything we did then was a miracle, a part of the miraculous and mysterious world of nature
A combination of my aesthetic sensibilities and some knowledge of the natural world seems a perfect fit. It allows me express myself through creating gardens for people to enjoy.

Alya Shklovskaya